Sub Department

Community Safety Unit

Prioritize community safety & security programmers focusing on crime prevention, school safety and coastal safety in partnership with relevant stakeholders. The main objectives is to promote innovative partnership-driven ways of reducing the current levels of crime to none and preventing crime from taking place in an integrated manner with various stakeholders e.g., SASSA, SAPS, Civilian Secretariat for Police Services, Safety and Liaison. These strategies are implemented in line with other existing National and Provincial measures aimed both at tackling crime and addressing the underlying causes of crime and violence, such as victim empowerment, substance abuse, and child protection and community developmental programs. Supporting and advising on implementation of developmental and preventative diversion programmes, improving community safety, strengthening families, promoting safety at schools with DoE Promote the building of community social cohesion and improving the quality of life of all people which includes infrastructural development support for safer spaces. This is further underpinned by supporting government’s on-going efforts to build better and safer communities that respect human rights and contribute to the government outcome “All People are and feel safe”.